Pumpkin Ale

Ale Brewed with Pumpkin and molasses, and spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon. 6% abv.

New Memphis Gold Chili Beer

Our first batch of beer brewed in the BackYard brewery. This medium bodied Golden Ale is steeped with a medley of seven roasted chilies. Settle in, the heat is on! 5% abv (Anaheim, Habanero, Pasilla, Red Fresno, Serrano, Yellow and Ghost Chilies)


New Memphis Chili Black

The flavor and aroma of roasted seasonal chilis & cocoa nibs blend perfectly with roast barley and kilned malts. Our Black Chili Beer brings the heat to Colorado winters.

Back 40 Brown Ale

Our American Brown Ale has a medium, malty body with lots of toast and caramel flavors and aroma. This baby’s got back. 5.3% abv.


Dog House Red

Born and raised in red wine barrels, this wild, Brett aged beer won’t keep you out of the Dog House, but he’ll live in it with you! Rich, Dark fruit flavors are accented with an earthy, tart aroma. Small batch. Cellarable. Bottle Conditioned. 7.6% abv.


Grand Cru

Grand Cru denotes the best of the best. Ours is a Cabernet barrel aged American Brett Ale fermented and aged with a blend of Brettanomyces yeasts and lactobacillus bacteria for a mild souring. Funky, earthy and fruity, with a crisp slightly tart finish. Cellarable. 9.2% abv.

Lil’ Bro Session IPA

Lil’ Bro is our Session India Pale Ale from the Home Brewers Gone Wild Series. This one was selected from competition in the Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak Home Brew Club. All the hops you want in a light bodied, low alcohol session beer. 5% abv.

Leroy, Biere de Garde

This Biere de Garde is brewed with imported kilned and caramel malts, and fermented with a special strain of Belgian yeast. This results in a complex, fruity ester and a crisp, toasty flavor. 8.2% abv.


Double Eagle American Wheat Ale

Our Multi-Medal Winning Double Eagle Ale is an American-Style Filtered Wheat. Brewed with 30% wheat, this light bodied ale is bright golden in color with a crisp but smooth aftertaste. This beer is excellent for relaxing on a late summer evening, or dreaming of warmer weather. 5% abv.


Hopyard India Pale Ale

First Wort Hopping contributes to the complex flavors of this India Pale Ale. A blend of American and German hops create the depth and bitterness that drives this rabbit hoppy. Dry hopping after fermentation makes you think you’re in the middle of a hopyard. 6.7% abv.


Imperial Red

We are proud to commemorate our 15th anniversary with the re-release of Imperial Red as part of our Rock It Series. Brewed with double the ingredients, and four times the love, this full-bodied Double Scottish Ale is a malty, heart warming brew you won’t want to miss. Cellarable for years. 10.7% abv.


Lightning Strike Stout

Our Oatmeal Stout is as rich in flavor as it is dark. Brewed with caramel and chocolate malts, roasted malt, barley, and oats; coffee-like dryness and aroma punctuates the malt sweetness. 6.3% abv.


No Brainer Belgian-Style Blonde

This light-bodied Belgian-style Blonde Ale is brewed with malted barley, raw wheat and homemade invert sugar (don’t ask). Don’t let her color fool you; she’s a man-eater at 6.8% abv. So be careful, and don’t get “blonded” by the light.


Octoberfest Maerzen/Oktoberfest

Our medium bodied German-style lager is brewed specially for the Octoberfest season. You won’t be boared with the rich, malt flavor. Go hog wild! 5.9% abv.


RedHawk Scottish Ale

Our Scottish Ale is made with two-row barley and a blend of crystal and kilned malts. The rich caramel and malt flavor is balanced with Goldings hops for a smooth flavor and a toasted, nutty finish. 5% abv.


Lynx Lager

This German-style Helles lager is cold conditioned and cold filtered for a crisp, clean malt flavor. Brewed with premium Pilsen malts and noble hops. 5% abv.


Silverback Pale Ale

This American Pale Ale has hints of citrusy hops with a crisp peppery finish derived from Grains of Paradise, a spice from Western Africa. Enjoy Silverback, and help protect the highly endangered Mountain Gorilla. 5.5% abv.


Double Diesel Double IPA

Our Double IPA takes IPA to the extreme. Incalculable bitterness, and 10% abv, this beer is one you won’t soon forget. Hopped, hopped some more, and then dry hopped, you can’t escape the hop flavor, bitterness and aroma. 10.1% abv.